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There should be two files listed below:

  • Book-Poem-Interactive-password.pdf -- this is an interactive Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Interactive means that it has music and sound effects embedded. If you click on most of the artwork and any text that has a box around it, you will hear music/sound effects. This pdf is for you to read on the computer. It is not the best file to print.
  • Book-Poem-Reversible-forPrinting-password.pdf -- this is the pdf for printing. When you print it out, use landscape mode and print on both sides of the paper. You will probably have to set your printer to "know" that you'll be stapling the left (short side) of the paper. The result is a "reversa-book" with the prose version starting from one end of the book and the poem version starting from the other. You just flip the book horizonally for whichever version you wish to read. The printed pages have to turn out exactly as you see in the pdf or the effect will not work.
  • The password to open the pdf's is in the email we sent.
To download the file(s), click on them and choose to save to your computer. Or, your browser might open the files directly if you have an Acrobat Reader plugin installed. If the reader is installed, you can choose to save the pdf to your hard drive. There's a "save" icon in the reader plugin.
Book-Poem-Interactive-password.pdf 36.94 mb
Book-Poem-Reversible-forPrinting-password.pdf 14.02 mb
Elvin says "Hey! See you around Christmas time."


Further info on pdf and and also version
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